My Story

I've always loved art and design from an early age and ended up pursuing Graphic Design at Kingston University. Design combined with creative thinking led me into advertising where I fell in love with the power of ideas.

Getting people's attention is crucial, but retaining it is hard. Good design gets you noticed, but fantastic design combined with creative thinking, makes your branding unforgettable. 

Creativity is what gets people's attention but caring about them keeps them coming back. Over time your empathy for customers will form a genuine bond of trust and loyalty. They will come to love what you do and want to share your story with the world.

That love for your brand translates into loyalty, which leads to happier customers, more fulfilled employees which allows you to scale your business.

This is why I founded Thad Cox Branding Studio. To help ambitious and exciting businesses create strategy driven branding combining creativity and empathy to fuel business growth.