There are millions of potential customers who are unaware of what you do and social media is the way to reach them, but by not using social media effectively limiting the potential of your brand. You are allowing others to get a head start and win those customers before you’ve even had chance. 

We understand that building an effective social media strategy can be an overwhelming task, so we will help you to build an easy to execute content strategy that is optimised to reach, connect and resonate with your customers, resulting in greater engagement and increased sales.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media assets


"I'm a professional comedian and working with Thad Cox has been extremely beneficial in allowing me to build an audience. By following Thad's design plan we were able establish a fanbase and create an effective social media "plan" that has led to many sold out shows across the states. Bottom line if you want to build your business through social media, I'm telling you man, Thad Cox is the guru!"

- Pete Correale


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