People want to do business with other people who share their beliefs and their values, so establishing the reasons behind why you are passionate about what you do is crucial. Your Purpose is going to be the big thing that makes you stand out. It has to be distinctive, memorable and allow people to connect with you and understand your passion for what you do.

Without a strong Purpose, you’ll be vulnerable to a rival who does have one. Customers and talented employees will leave you and gravitate to brands with a stronger one and you risk wasting money on marketing because people don’t care about you

We have a range of specialist workshops that can help you clarify, articulate and bring to life your purpose so you can set about attracting and retaining talented employees and loyal customers.

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision


“Thad's Purpose Workshop was so inspiring. We’ve achieved more in two hours than we did in two days last year! We all really enjoyed it and feel enthusiastic and confident to move forward with our new found purpose!”

Tara Ashe - Founder of Block Design


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