Podcast Guidelines

In preparation for your upcoming interview, we've created this simple checklist to ensure you have the best experience!

Prior to the Interview

  • Drink enough water prior to the interview. It’s always a good idea to be hydrated.

  • We recommend you use your earbuds or headphones for the interview, plugged into your computer's headphone jack. This will prevent any feedback making its way into the recording, and allow you to monitor your own voice as well.

  • We will recird the interview using SquadCast - http://squadcast.fm/

  • If you are using an external USB microphone, confirm the settings in SquadCast show your USB microphone selected.

  • Additionally, if you are using an external microphone, keep about an inch of distance between you and the microphone. It’s best to talk across the mic, to minimize any popping sounds from your voice (this tends to happen with words that begin with ‘P’).

  • If at all possible, use a hard-line internet connection. If WiFi is the only option, ensure you’re as close to the WiFi signal as possible.

  • To minimize the impact of internet services like Google Drive or Dropbox affecting your signal, we recommend installing TripMode. This wonderful app allows you to toggle which apps are connected to the internet during your interview. It's best to have them all off, with the exception of the tool you're using.

  • At the very least, if not using TripMode, pause your Google Drive and/or Dropbox during the interview.

  • If possible, close every program besides Chrome (the browser recommended by Squadcast). This conserves valuable CPU processing power.

  • During the call, please refrain from typing on your keyboard as this will be picked up by the microphone.

  • Remember to use the mute button if you need to cough, clear your throat, or take a drink of water.

  • It's always best to join the call a few minutes early as this allows time to test the audio.

  • Most importantly, relax. It's going to be a great conversation!


Post-Interview Guidelines

If you haven't provided this information already when scheduling the call, please be sure to send the following to us:

  • A high-resolution headshot or bio photo, which we’ll be using for promotion of your episode.

  • The primary website you would like listeners to be directed to.

  • Links to the social media accounts you are currently using for yourself or your business, as this we’ll ensure promotion using the correct links. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)


I really look forward to having you on the show! To make we are fully prepared, please fill out the form below.

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