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Our Process

Strategy-driven branding for ambitious businesses who want to shake up their industry.


Why Brand Strategy matters.

Without a clear strategy it becomes harder to achieve your business goals. You may get there eventually, but it will take you far longer and you will end up wasting valuable resources and money along the way. 

With a clear strategy in place you can align your team and be confident that every branding and marketing decision is as effective as possible and is moving you one step closer to achieving your goals.


How we do it.

We start with a Discovery Session that assesses your business and helps develop an actionable brand strategy that aligns with your goals and the needs of your customers. Using key insights, we outline clear business objectives and work with you to establish an effective strategy.

"Thad came onboard at a time of significant change for the company. His expertise into branding and strategy was a huge help, steering us in the right direction and providing a platform to reposition ourselves in a crowded market."

Kaye Stenner - Head of Marketing for Grovesnor Systems


A Step by step guide to our process


Outline your Brand Attributes


We help review, refine and clarify exactly what makes your brand unique and put int into a succint and powerful statement for you to use to inspire your team and connect with your customers.

Build in depth user profiles


If you want to scale your business, you will need to be targetting high value customers. Together we help you outline your dream customer and then develop an effective strategy to attract them.

examine your customer journey


After we have identified exactly who you need to grow your business, we work out how the the best way to get in front of them and how to attract them to you.

Develop a strategic plan


In order to maximise impact, we work out what key deliverables you need to hit your goals. Together we create a bespoke strategy designed to make sure you achieve them in the most effcient and effective way possible.

Launch with confidence


We take everything we have discovered and bring it to life to create a powerful and engaging brand that you, your team and your customers will love.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your effort and expertise, it honestly really exceeded my expectations. The way you unpicked who my customers were and the possible barriers. Who I was and what my values and goals were and the vision for my setting was amazing!"

LIzzy Webber - Outside Tribe


We are a results kind of agency. If you know just how valuable branding can be for your business and want outstanding results, we’d love to talk with you.