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ColorFull by NYDG


We were approached by NYDG (New York Dermatology Group) to first help mastermind a strategy that would create a purpose driven initiative around helping those with Albinism for their Foundation and second, bring that strategy to life in a way that would change modern society and culture on a global scale.

 The Challenge


People with albinism are vulnerable and marginalized by their own communities because of the color of their skin. Described as ghosts or magical creatures with special properties that can bring wealth or good luck, they live in a constant state of fear, anxiety and exclusion.  Today, buyers in Africa hire body poachers to cross borders to capture young children and teenagers with albinism to sell their limbs at market rates.

Children as young as 5 will be poached for their limbs and parents will continue to live in a constant state of fear knowing that their children will be killed or excluded or discriminated against in school and the work force. Persecution, bullying and discrimination will lead to an endless cycle of poverty, violence and exclusion.

The Solution: ColorFull


The Solution

ColorFull (Color & Full) Instead of focusing on the negative associated with Albinism, we flipped the concept on its head - People with albinism aren’t missing a colour, but actually they have a specific colour, an Albus tone that is unique to them. Having Albinism hasn’t held them back, it has empowered them to live their lives to the full.


For over 2 decades, NYDG doctors have helped over 750,000 patients with all types of skin conditions. Skin health is a global public health issue and this was an opportunity for NYDG to showcase the work of their Foundation, but more than that, it was a chance to inspire and bring together some of the world’s top talent including Pulitzer Prize Winning & Nat Geo Photographer Stephanie Sincliar and Supermodel Diandra Forrest in this unified goal. Where Dove has the ‘Self Esteem Project’, NYDG has ‘ColorFull’





A 12 month global initiative, backed by the U.N. that launched in Times Square before heading to LA, Cape Town, Hong Kong and London. We were the first brand to showcase a person with Albinism in Times Square. We also curated an exhibition showcasing the photography and swatch concept. As the campaign moves across the world we are in talks with Sesame Street, New York Fashion week and more.


ColorFull has been overwhelming success. From bringing together acclaimed professionals including pulitzer prize winning photographer Stephanie Sinclair, to the world’s first supermodel with albinism, Diandra Forrest, we were breaking ground from the off. NYDG not only giving 100% of their profits to the cause, but by also putting albino models in Times Square, they were breaking new ground by showcasing people with Albinism in a mainstream campiagn.

The impact didn’t stop there, the campaign was featured in Forbes NowThis and Nat Geo resulting in a huge amount of awareness which resulted in a 4000% increase in sales of NYDG’s SPF Cream on the previous year.

Client Response

“Working with Thad and his team gave me an insight into their unique creative process and made me appreciate the value of having a 'big idea' to fuel a campaign. ColorFull is the perfect purpose-led solution that has captured the imagination of everyone inside the Foundation and has given us a focal point to channel our efforts.

Working with Thad was fantastic. From the outset, his vision for the project was so inspiring. His team were supportive, encouraging, and we all felt highly involved in the process. Having his guidance across everything from the strategy, branding, digital and social was amazing!”

  • Stephan Bognar - Foundation Director