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FaceOff Case Study


We were approached by a long-term client and serial entrepreneur Damien O’Brien to work on his latest venture FaceOff (we had worked together on various projects including Sky’s Football’s Next Star). He’d  recently received investment to launch an ambitious new startup called FaceOff - a sports challenge site.

To help him successfully launch FaceOff, he asked to partner with us, with Thad coming on board as the Global Creative Director to oversee the launch of FaceOff brand across all platforms, and to help with everything from the brand strategy, website and app design through to the marketing and advertising execution.

The challenge


Damien was entering the fiercely competitive market of social sports gaming and needed to break into the market with a distinctive look that would attract their key demographic, gain the attention and trust of users, and convince them to switch over from the more established brands like Fan Duel and Draft Kings.

He also needed someone with the knowledge and expertise required to unify a multidisciplinary team spread across many cities in multiple continents including New York (head office), LA (video production) and Delhi (website & app development).



Research told us there was tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the waning interest in Fantasy Based Sports and to keep our focus honed in on the fact FaceOff can offer challenges on, not just sports, but also e-sports and even pop culture events.



By being able to offer a vast range of social challenges across sport, e-sport and pop culture, FaceOff can bring people together in the spirit of competition. Providing a social challenge component via the FaceOff community is what makes it different to the competition, so we lead with that.


Our Process


Discovery session


We carried out a workshop with the FaceOff team so we could understand their goals, the needs of their customers and a number of key brand attributes such as vision, puropse and values..

Research & Review


We conducted extensive research into FaceOff's industry, rivals and ideal customers.

Develop a Strategy


Based on the findings of our Discovery Session and Research we put together a brand strategy to make sure they stood out from their rivals and won the attention of their key demographic.

Execute the plan


We worked with the FaceOff team across multiple continents to help provide support and guidance as we rolled out the brand.

Launch & Support


Since the launch we have been on hand to provide advice, support and guidance to make sure their strategy is being executed properly.

Our solution


We took a bold approach to create a brand that stood out against their competition and position FaceOff of as the number social sports challenge site. We focussed on ramping up competition between friends and decided to use a distinctive colourscheme and stylish clean logo to capture the attention of the key demographic of social sports fans aged 23-32.


Here's how we did it.


The Logo

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 22.49.42.png

The client was very keen to incorporate a phoenix, a symbol of good luck and prosperity, so we hand drew a logo that was both iconic and inspiring.



startup logo

Angular edges with softened corners offered a perfect balance between something humanistic (social gaming) and modern and digital.

startup branding

Choice of Typefaces

We opted for a classic combination of condensed with sans-serif. The challenge was to pick typefaces that had large families so they could work across all platforms from print to digital and at all sizes from mobile screen to billboard. Both are contemporary, distinctive and compliment each other beautifully. 


brand typography



By choosing a set of bold and distinctive colour combination of cyan and black, we were able to stand out from our rivals and attract our key demographic of 253-32 year old sports fans.

start up colours


“We invited Thad over to New York as he has been a long-term partner with FaceOff and has been curating our digital image for some time. His attitude, hard work ethic and penchant for creativity and bringing ideas to life are truly incredible. 

His experience and expertise really aided us in refreshing our understanding of what our core principals are how our image reflects this.  We will continue to work with Thad for what we hope will be a lifetime. I would thoroughly recommend his services to all organisations looking to redefine their look with something special.”

— Sakhib Waseem - CFO of FACEOFF



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