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Your mission statement

A guide on how to write something that inspires, unites and aligns your team.


A powerful mission statement helps unite your staff and customers alike and reminds everyone about who you serve, what it is you do and why you do it. A mission statement defines a company’s goals in three important ways: 

  • It defines what the company does for its customers.

  • It defines what the company does for its employees.

  • It defines what the company does for its owners.

brand mission statement

“Without a mission statement, you may get to the top of the ladder and realise it was leaning against the wrong building."

- Dave Ramsay



Why is it so important?

If your staff don’t know what your mission statement is, they will struggle to understand your brand, explain it to customers and ultimately, deliver your brand strategy.  

They will lack conviction, enthusiasm and empathy as won’t provide such excellent customer service. 

This lack of unified activity weakens your brand, makes it inefficient and leaves you vulnerable. Customers won’t show loyalty, won’t tell others and it will only be a matter of time before they go somewhere else as you will become forgettable. 

Your mission statement should be the driving force behind everything that your team does within your company, and externally with prospects, customers, vendors, and associates. It also shapes your internal corporate culture.

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Case Study: IKEA

ikea mission statement

The people at IKEA dream big. The vision could have been one of beautiful, affordable furniture, but instead, it’s to make everyday life better for its customers. 

It’s a partnership: IKEA finds deals all over the world and buys in bulk, then they choose the furniture and pick it up at a self-service warehouse.

“At IKEA our mission is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them."

Questions to help you write your mission statement.


A great Mission Statement resonates with everyone . Here are a some questions to help you write one that does just that.


What do you do for your customers?



This can be anything from trying to stop climate change to offering excellent organic food in your restaurant. Consider how it empowers them, what it helps them to achieve and in turn how that allows them to impact the world. What are the emotional, physical, financial and even spiritual benefits they gain?


What do you do for your employees?


Consider the environment you have created for your staff and how has this helped them and the business? By feeling supported and appreciated, what are they able to achieve and who benefits most from this? Colleagues, customers, loved ones?


What principles were the business founded on?


Some of the best mission statements incorporate a much broader sense of mission that includes, or at least implies, the mission of ownership. Here is an opportunity to reflect on why the business was created and consider what was the intention and aspiration behind starting the business.


A formula to help spark ideas:


All Mission Statements are different, as they should be, but trying to convey everything in a succinct manner is difficult. To help you get something down on paper that can be refined and improved up, try using the following formula:

We (our people) 
Help (our customers) 
To achieve (their no. 1 goal) 
Using (our services) .


Brand story worksheets

Worksheets to help you write your Mission Statement.

Follow the instructions and use the prompts to fill out the questions as fully as possible. Once that is done, review and highlight any responses or themes that keep recurring or resonate with you.

Next Steps


Now that you know what your purpose is, it's time to make sure that others know too. This includes both your customers and your employees, so start talking about it, creating content around it and living it.

branding brand story brand storytelling

Create a page on your website dedicated to it.


It’s crucial that anyone who visits your website can find out about your story easily. Make it as simple as possible by making a page dedicated to it. It could go on the homepage, in the ‘About Us’ or an ‘Our Story’ section. No matter where you put it, make it stand out and easy to find.

branding brand story brand storytelling

Have a sign made.

In the same way that we recommend creating a web page for your online visitors, you should do the same for your customers and staff. Design a striking sign and then hang it somewhere that everyone can find it, read it and understand it.

branding brand story brand storytelling

Hold a meeting with your team.

A powerful Mission Statement can unite your team and customers alike, so arrange a meeting so you can explain it to them in detail so they both understand it, are also inspired by it and can tell it to others.

branding brand story brand storytelling

Create content around your mission statement.


The final part is to create articles, images and videos all about it. Share anecdotes, insights and interview people. Find ways to bring it to life through articles, photos and videos.



We understand isn’t an easy process and want to make your sure are able to write something that inspires, unites and aligns your team. If you’re struggling or have any questions, we’d love to help you.