Congratulations Seven Garçons - Best Barbershop in London according to GQ!

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We were thrilled to here that one of our favourite clients, Seven Garçons had been selected as one of the best barbershops in London! I’m personally thrilled for Romain who is a gentleman and an exquisite barber who works tirelessly for his clients.

Seven Garçons

“Located in the relative no-man's-land between East Putney Underground station and Wandsworth, Seven Garçons is a sleek and stylish environment in which to freshen yourself up. Flick your phone to airplane mode and relax as you enjoy an indulgent hour or so of "you time".

How it raises the bar: Their Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave is the specialty – part facial, part massage and finished with a silky-smooth shave, you'll feel like a new man at the end. All the treatments, be it a total hair restyle or a quick tidy-up, are finished with a hot-towel face wrap. Dreamy.

The man to do your ’do: Romain's your man. The Seven Garçons gaffer speaks in a soothing French lilt as he snips and clips you back into shape. Lovely man delivers a lovely look.

32 Upper Richmond Road, London SW15.

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