Clarifying your Brand Beliefs and Brand Values


We have all heard about Brand Values and Brand Beliefs, but trying to pin them down to a succinct definition is tricky, as there is plenty of overlap. This week I will be explaining what they are, breaking down why they are important for your business and will be helping you to clarify your ownquickly and easily.

What are they?

A belief is something you accept to be true and a value is something you hold to be important above all else. The common misconception are that they are essentially the same thing, but for me beliefs are all about how you see the world and they’re often the underlying source of your values, whereas your values are the principles on which your brand operates.

Why do they matter?

By being clear on your beliefs and values, it shows that you stand for something and this makes you easier to find by like minded people who share the same values and beliefs as you. This will help you form a deeper connection with your audience, which in turn increases customer loyalty.

when you stand for something, you stand out.

An example of Beliefs & Values In practice

So let's use a Restaurant to illustrate what I mean. The Restaurant ownersbeliefs are that they are very passionate about where they live, supporting local producers and using the best quality ingredients possible.In order to stay true to their beliefs, they make sure that everything they use is organic and sourced from within 10 miles of the restaurant from a supplier they personally know.


Their values however are slightly different and are related to what matters to them when it comes to doing business - working with suppliers, hiring staff, customer service etc.

When it comes down to deciding on the principles they value most, they might choose: Compassion, Dependability, Expertise, Honesty and Authenticity.

Both their Beliefs & Values work together despite being different.

Defining your brand beliefs

Below are listed a few questions to get you thinking about what your own Brand Beliefs are. Try to keep in mind that these are how you feel about the world, your industry and what you do. These questions are also on a worksheet that I have created to help which can be downloaded here.

Other Brands:

  • What brands do you admire?
  • Why do you admire them?
  • What are their beliefs?
  • What do they stand for?

You and your passions:

  • Why do you love doing what you do?
  • Why is that important to you?
  • What makes you unique?

Your industry:

  • What do you believe your industry has the power to do?
  • What do you believe your industry should be?
  • What do you believe your industry shouldn't be?

The bigger picture:

  • What do you believe everyone deserves?
  • What do you believe the world needs more of?
  • What do you believe is the difference you can make to the world?
Thad Cox