Grow your brand with podcasting


I realised the other day that I no longer listen to the radio. In the same way that I swapped Sky for Netflix and haven't looked back, I've replaced all my listening with podcasts. I spend more time listening to podcasts than I do watching videos or reading articles combined.

But why?

The unique things with audio you can two do things at once which saves time, unlike video or images. That is the advantage that Podcasting has over these other mediums, and with so many people keen to be the best they can be through personal development, they can consume audio content during their commute, driving or exercising.

Just like I mentioned earlier, Bluetooth connectivity allows customers to replace the radio with your podcast and you become part of people’s routines. This position is one that will always create a Brand relationship based on loyalty and respect, which in-turn will lead to growth.

Let me go into a little more detail.


Increased sales.

Podcasting spreads through the most trusted form of marketing - word of mouth endorsement - which can help you reach new audiences, leading to increased traffic and therefore more customers.


Build trust and rapport.

People get to experience what you say on their terms without interruption. Podcasts have a way of building relationships without either person meeting. It may be a one-sided medium, but the feeling you get after hours of listening to a person talk is one of friendship.


Establish yourself as an industry expert.

You will naturally rise above your rivals because they aren’t doing a podcast and the exposure and credibility will establish you as the industry leader in the minds of your consumers.


Interview influential people.

It will enhance your reputation, but also grow your network of contacts. Guests are also able to increase the likelihood of you being able to reach out and get more high calibre people to interview.

So, the question is: Are you going to become a leader in this growing medium or filled with regret when one of your rivals takes that space before you?

Thad CoxOakmont House