How to bring your purpose to life.



Why it is so important?

Customers are looking for a more meaningful reason to choose your brand because it raises their profile in the eyes of others and makes them feel good. Without a strong purpose, you’ll be vulnerable to any rivals in your marketplace who do have one. Not only will customers leave you and gravitate a rival brand with a stronger purpose, but so will industry talent. You’ll be left wasting money on marketing trying to remind people about you, but’s it'll be too late as they will have already chosen their favourite brand and will no longer care about you.

People want to do business with other people who share their beliefs and their values, so establishing the reasons behind why you are passionate about what you do is crucial. Your purpose is going to be the big thing that makes you stand out. It has to be distinctive, memorable and allow people to connect with you and understand your passion for what you do.

It's a case of show and tell because unless customers and talent can find out about your purpose or see you living it, you're missing out on the full impact it can have on your business.


Next Steps

Now that you know what your purpose it, you will need to make sure that others know too. This includes both your customers and your employees.  It’s time to start talking about it, creating content around it and living it.


Create a page on your website for it.


It’s importanat that anyone who visitis your website can find out about your purpose, so make it easy for them by making a page dedicated to it. This can go on the homepage, in the ‘About Us’ or an ‘Our Story’ section. No matter where you put it, make it stand out and easy to find.


Get a sign made

In the same way that we recommend creating a web page for your online visitors, you should do the same for your customers and staff. Design a striking sign and then hang it somewhere that everyone can find it, read it and understand it.


Hold a meeting with your team


It’s very important that everyone is aligned internally on what the purpose of your business is. So arrange a meeting so you can take them through it. Explain it to them in detail so they both understand it and are also inspired by it.


Create content around it

The final part is to create articles, images and videos all about it. Tell stories, share insights and interview people. The worksheets will be packed with potential topics that can be turned into compelling and shareable content.



We understand isn't an easy process and want to make your sure are able to bring your purpose to life and an authentic and engaging way. If you're struggling or have any questions, we'd love to help you.

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Thad Cox